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Welcome to the #1 marketplace for buying and selling acapella vocals

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Welcome to The Vocal Market

Done with using overused vocal samples from big sample websites that every other uses?

Welcome to The Vocal Market

We are the number one marketplace for buying and selling acapella vocals. All vocals are curated and hand selected to be allowed on the platform so quality guaranteed. Browse through our vast library of royalty free vocals and receive and instant download link to the vocal stems.


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How The Vocal Market works

The #1 place to find high quality acapella vocals

screenshot of the vocal market non-exclusive vocals page to buy vocals

Step 1

Select Your Vocal

Browse our vocal library and find a new acapella vocal sample for your next release. We have a wide range of genres, your ideal vocal is just a click away.

Browse vocals
downloaded vocal stems folder

step 2

Download HQ Vocal Stems

After you bought a vocal you will instantly get a download link to the vocal stems. Download them directly to get studio quality acapella vocals.

vocal stems editing in fl studio 12

step 3

Drag Stems Into DAW

Once downloaded, import the vocal stems into your DAW of choice. Our stems are ready-to-use, so you can quickly start working with them and produce your next song.

person editing vocals in the studio

step 4

Produce Your Next Hit

With the vocals in place, let your creativity flow. mix, master, and make the magic happen – your next hit song is on the horizon.

Browsing High-Quality, Royalty-Free Acapella Vocals on The Vocal Market Mobile App

For Producers

Browse, License, Create

Welcome to The Vocal Market, the number one marketplace to buy acapella vocals and for your next release. Browse through our diverse range of vocals, featuring both non-exclusive and exclusive vocals, as well as curated cover vocals. You can now finish a production completely and be release ready with our high-quality vocal tracks.

Find full acapellas. No need to piece together vocal samples.

Release your music worldwide

Browsing High-Quality, Royalty-Free Acapella Vocals on The Vocal Market Mobile
Interactive Catalog of Acapella Vocals Available on The Vocal Market Desktop Interface
Browsing High-Quality, Royalty-Free Acapella Vocals on The Vocal Market Mobile App
Mobile Revenue Tracking and Sold Vocals Dashboard for Vocalists on The Vocal Market App
Revenue and Sold Vocals Dashboard for Vocalists on The Vocal Market Desktop Interface

For Vocalists

Share, Connect, Earn

1. Upload with Ease: Utilize The Vocal Market's simple vocal upload process. Fill in details, set your price, and choose between exclusive, non-exclusive or cover vocal. Upload your vocal stems and demo track effortlessly.

2. Earn and Expand: As your vocals sell on The Vocal Market, you will get revenue and exposure from the sales. Gain insights through your artist profile dashboard to keep track of your vocal sales and revenue generated.

3. Manage Your Success: Track sales and revenue, fine-tune your strategy, and foster connections with music producers. Leverage The Vocal Market's networking opportunities to amplify your career.

Buy and Sell Studio Quality Acapella Vocal Samples on The Vocal Market

Explore The Vocal Market, your ultimate online hub for discovering and buying premium vocal tracks. Whether you're looking to buy vocals for your music production or searching for the perfect acapella to complete your masterpiece, we've got you covered. Our platform connects talented vocalists with producers and music enthusiasts worldwide, offering an unmatched selection of exclusive and non-exclusive acapella vocals ready for your next release.

Effortless Buying Experience for Quality Vocal Samples

The Vocal Market makes finding and buying vocals a breeze. Our user-friendly interface allows music producers to effortlessly browse a diverse collection of vocals in a variety of genres and styles. With vocalists setting their own rates, ranging from $20 to $100 for non-exclusive and cover vocals and exclusives starting at $300 producers can secure the best voices at competitive rates.

A Platform Where Creativity and Collaboration Thrive

Why choose The Vocal Market? Because every vocal purchase, from acapella to full vocal tracks, is an investment in quality and originality. Our platform guarantees vocalists a 70% revenue share, fostering a thriving community where creativity and collaboration are rewarded. Whether you're looking to buy vocals for your next hit or sell your own vocal samples, The Vocal Market is the place to be.

  • FREE vocal samples

    Check out our collection of free vocal samples. Great for anyone playing around and experimenting with new sounds.

    Free vocal samples 
  • non exclusive vocals cover the vocal market

    Cover vocals

    Our cover vocals section lets you find versions of popular songs ready for your projects. Ready for your next release.

    Cover vocals 
  • Banner for non-exclusive vocals section on The Vocal Market, offering a diverse range of high-quality vocals for licensing

    Non-exclusive vocals

    Browse through vocals that you and others can use in your tracks. It’s a budget-friendly way to buy quality vocals.

    Non-exclusive vocals 
  • Banner for exclusive vocals section on The Vocal Market, where you can acquire unique, one-of-a-kind vocals for your music production

    Exclusive vocals

    For tracks that truly stand out, explore our exclusive vocals. Only you will have the rights to use these in your projects.

    Exclusive vocals 
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Vocal Market And How Does It Work?

The Vocal Market is a platform that allows vocalists to sell their vocal samples (acapellas) to music producers and other buyers. Vocalists can create an account, upload their vocals, and set a price for each track. Producers can browse and purchase vocals, which are then available for use in their music productions.

How do I start selling vocals on The Vocal Market?

You can join The Vocal Market by creating an account on our website. Simply click on this link which will take you to the 'Apply as a Vocalist' form. We're always on the look out talented vocalist to join our platform.

What's the deal with non-exclusive vocals?

Non-exclusive vocals are like shared sample packs in music production: accessible to all, they let you add professional vocals to your tracks affordably, while others can use them too. It's a cost-effective way to diversify your sound.

And, exclusive vocals?

Think of exclusive vocals as your custom-made studio mic – only you get to use it. When you snag these, they're yours alone. No repeats, no shares. It's a pricier ticket, but you're paying for something that's all yours, making your track stand out.

Are all vocals on The Vocal Market royalty-free

Yeah, it's a royalty-free zone here! Buy any vocal from our collection, and it's all yours for the mixing, no extra fees or royalty headaches. It’s like finding treasure without the map – pure gold.

Do I need to give The Vocal Market credit when registering with a PRO (Publishing Rights Organization) like ASCAP or BMI?

No. The Vocal Market is not a co-owner of your track, so there is no need to credit The Vocal Market when registering your track with a PRO.