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Top 8 Best AI Music Tools for Music Production - January 2024


The profound transformation of the music industry by Artificial Intelligence is nothing short of revolutionary. Today, creating music isn't just about talent and instruments; it's also about technology. The technology in question? AI-powered tools that are becoming indispensable assets to musicians worldwide. In this article, we dive deep into eight groundbreaking tools that are defining this change.

1. Magenta Studio (V1.0)

Published by tech giant Google, Magenta Studio stands out as a remarkable AI music generator. It's more than just a software; it's a suite of music creativity tools and plugins. Whether you're a MacOS enthusiast or a Windows fan, Magenta has got you covered. Moreover, Ableton Live users can enjoy its unique features as a plugin. Dive into its array of applications: 'Continue' lets you transform MIDI files with fresh sounds, while 'Drumify' crafts drum patterns from melodies. Need a random note generator? 'Generate' is your go-to. If you're keen on making your rhythm sound more human, 'Groove' is your ally. And with 'Interpolate', seamlessly bridge two distinct MIDI melody tracks. Google's prowess combined with Magenta's neural network makes music creation a delightful experience.


Magenta Studio (v1.0) 


2. WavTool

Imagine the power of text-to-music in a DAW, and that's WavTool for you. It's an avant-garde, browser-based tool that owes its capabilities to OpenAI's GPT-4 model. But what truly sets WavTool apart is its chat assistant, which doesn't just assist but also learns and reasons with users. This AI, named 'Conductor', is well-versed in music theory and audio production. From setting up devices that control EQ and reverb to altering them with text prompts, WavTool offers a comprehensive musical experience.


WavTools's Compers AI


3. Boomy

Boomy isn't just another AI music platform; it's an ecosystem where original songs come to life. From Rap beats and Lo-Fi to Electronic Dance and Global Grove, pick a style, and Boomy will deliver. Its sophisticated AI algorithms don't just create tracks; they craft masterpieces tailored to user preferences. And if you're an aspiring artist, Boomy's distribution feature is a game-changer. Distribute your creations on popular streaming platforms and step into the professional world with ease. And the best part? Boomy's AI is trained from the ground up, ensuring uniqueness and authenticity in every track.


Boomy create music with ai


Meet AIVA, the DAW that's redefining emotional soundtrack music. Be it instruments or song types, AIVA presents themes under a gamut of pre-set styles. Draw inspiration from released songs and let AIVA handle the tweaks. For professionals seeking ownership, AIVA's pro plan is a boon. With this plan, every musical piece crafted belongs to the user, offering unparalleled creative freedom.


5. Orb Producer Suite 3

For music producers seeking an edge, the Orb Producer Suite 3 is a treasure trove. This AI plug-in suite is a powerhouse of musical patterns and loops. Each of its four plugins, namely Orb melody, Orb Bass, Orb Arpeggio, and Orb Synth, brings a unique functionality to the table, enabling producers to craft musical pieces with finesse and depth.


Orb producer suite 3

6. Soundful

Soundful's mission is simple yet profound: democratize music creation. It's an AI program that welcomes both novices and experts to create limitless royalty-free music. Thanks to its advanced algorithms, every piece of music crafted on Soundful is unique, setting it apart in an industry saturated with repetitive tunes. And with monetization options available, users can reap the benefits of their creativity.


7. Loudly

Loudly is a testament to the power of variety. With a whopping 170,000 audio loops, it offers a diverse range for music creation. The advanced playback engine fosters real-time creativity, allowing users to alter and combine loops, crafting unique tracks each time. While it's a potent tool, users should be wary of potential copyright issues due to pre-existing audio.


Loudly ai for music production


8. Ecrett Music

Ecrett Music is all about simplicity and power. Its user-friendly interface belies the advanced AI under the hood. With a vast selection of emotions, genres, and scenes at their disposal, users can create music clips tailored to their needs. The platform ensures a fresh sound every time, even with the same settings. Customization is a breeze, allowing even beginners to feel like seasoned maestros.


Ecrett ai for music production


Q: How do AI tools impact traditional music production?

AI tools are disrupting traditional music creation by streamlining processes, suggesting innovative patterns, and allowing exploration beyond human biases. Their predictive algorithms can anticipate trends, offering a unique blend of creativity and market understanding.

Q: Are AI tools replacing human creativity?

Not really. While AI tools offer advanced functionalities, they are best seen as complementary tools. Human intuition, emotions, and experiences remain irreplaceable. AI tools amplify and enhance, but they don't substitute human creativity.

Q: What are the limitations of using AI in music production?

AI, though powerful, can sometimes produce repetitive or soulless tunes. They might lack the human touch and emotions. Additionally, ethical considerations regarding originality and copyright are also concerns.

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